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Revenge Against The Dubs   Leave a comment

The Jazz improved their current winning streak to 9 games, holding off both the Warriors (in Golden State) and the Rockets (in Utah).

The Warriors game featured a huge performance from the bench, as ‘Sap, Korver & AK each hit double-digits, joining starters Booze, Brewer & Okur. While Deron wasn’t feeling it (3-12, 6 points), he countered by dishing off 20 assists… 2 less than the Warriors team as a whole. Meanwhile, CJ struggled yet again. Speaking of Deron, here’s one of his assists from the game.

While the Jazz didn’t start too well, a solid 4th quarter carried them against the Warriors. This includes being outscored in the 3rd quarter…

Speaking of the Dubs, Corey Maggette & Jamal Crawford had huge games. So did Anthony Randolph, the latest to go off on the Jazz. That’s not acceptable. Oh, and more on Randolph. Though that ‘block’ on Booze was actually a goaltending violation that wasn’t called.

Brewer = amazing! His jumper might not be what you’d want from a normal SG, but given this offense, he’s a perfect fit. And he’s been playing at an amazing level as of late.

More Deron… he has a ways to go before catching up with Stockton in most categories, and this is no exception.

Jazz Hold On To Beat Warriors   Leave a comment

For some odd reason, people seemed to think that the Jazz would run away with this game.
Which is stupid for a couple of reasons…

  • Booze is injured. No matter how you feel about him, he’s a big part of the team. And missing him hurts.

  • On any given day right now, 40% (Brewer & CJ) to 60% (Brewer, CJ, Deron) can’t hit a jumper (or shot) to save their life. Let alone the life of the Jazz.
  • 48 minutes of run-and-shoot, no defense please. And only a 9 man rotation. Guys will get tired, shots won’t fall.
  • Korver is still slumping. Playing a shoot-the-trey/give-up-the-trey team… you’re in trouble if your treys aren’t falling.

That said, the Jazz still pulled it off, winning 119-114. It took an injury to an opposing player, plus some amazing shooting (and a total lack of defense), but as they say… a win is a win.

Why the Jazz won…

  • Well, shooting 49% from the field never hurts… even if that includes a 3-13 night from downtown, and the opposition shooting 50%.

  • 30-39 isn’t solid, but it is still 5 more makes than the Warriors in just 6 more attempts.
  • The Jazz owned the boards (49-38), including a 17-9 advantage on the offensive end. ‘Sap (14) & Okur (11) led the way, helping offset the 17 by Andris Biedrins in the process.
  • Stephen Jackson had 15 points in the first half, but left with an injury right before halftime & didn’t return. Which is huge for the Jazz, because a full game for him plus C-Mag (28 points in 48 minutes (!)) could’ve been very hard to overcome.
  • Deron woke up, going 9-15 from the field (2-4 from long range; 5-7 from the line) and finished with 25 and 15. He was perfect from the field in the first half (7-7, I think), and had 5 assists before he had even attempted a shot.
  • Okur (20) & ‘Sap (19) also had huge offensive nights… but maybe not big enough… against the not-so-big Warriors.
  • CJ didn’t do so well (4 points, 3 fouls & nothing else), and Brewer made up for a off-night with some big plays at the end to finish with 13 points. Nice to see at least one of them kinda showed up.
  • AK had 15, 5 and 3, and was 50% (5-10) from the field. Plus, only 1 trey attempted!
  • The Koof had another big game, finishing with 11 & 5, and in surprising fashion (for the Jazz), just 1 foul.
  • The Jazz had 6 players in double digits, compared to 5 for the Warriors.
  • The Jazz proved yet again that they can win with ease when playing the run-and-shoot… especially if defense isn’t required.

The game wasn’t pretty by any standards, but the Jazz picked up the win at home and now get ready to host the Hornets on Wednesday.

Jazz Welcome In Warriors   Leave a comment

Yet again, the Jazz come home looking to bounce back from a disappointing road loss. Last time, the Jazz were hosting the Sixers after a 2 OT loss in Houston, this time, they’ll host the Warriors after a loss against the Kobes a couple days back. There are plenty of injuries every which way… never fun for either team. The Dubs will be ending a 3-game road swing tonight… a swing that has already seen losses in Oklahoma City & Minnesota. The Dubs have been giving up 111 ppg this year, and gave up 123 ppg to the Jazz last year as the Jazz swept the 3 game set. The Jazz have won 8 straight at home against the Warriors, but come into this game having lost 4 of their last 6 overall. So yeah… both teams need to turn their seasons around. A major difference though… while the Warriors are all over the trade rumors (okay, Corey Maggette is, and they’ve already made a trade this year), the Jazz seem content to sit still until healthy (aka, until the end of the world).

Three Key Players

  1. Deron Williams: Sure, he got a double-double in the LA loss (10 & 12). But the 4-18 shooting (0-2 from long range) is horrific. Of course, only getting to the line 3 times despite attacking the hoop is expected in the NBA never helpful. That said, he has to pull not only his game together, but also the team. While the season isn’t over or anything, the team is 19-15 and 3.5 games out in the Northwest. And if they keep playing like crap (especially early in games, like they’ve been doing as of late), they’re in trouble. Deron… you’re the team leader. Lead!

  2. Stephen Jackson: He isn’t the teams leading scorer (that’s Andris Biedrins), but he’ll need to be going for the Warriors to have a shot. He could get some extra help if C-Mag returns, but that’s doubtful (the help from C-Mag, not the return). He went off for 25 on the T-Wolves, aided by 11 trips to the line (9 makes) and a 2-3 night from downtown. And tonight he’ll face some ugly combo of CJ, Brewer, AK & probably No Knees… a quartet he should feast on (save maybe AK). Especially the way CJ & Brewer have been playing as of late.
  3. CJ & Brewer: Yeah, I’m cheating… this is 2 players. But still. As of late, these 2 have really struggled… enough to bring forth serious thought of starting AK again. Which isn’t good… because we need him on the bench (injuries or not). Neither guy seems willing to attack the hoop all that much, which is bad because that’s Ronnie’s game. He’s not a jump-shooter, but that’s what he’s settling for. CJ is pulling his best Gordan Giricek or John Starks (or any 2-guard we’ve had in a very long while)… jack up and miss. Often. I like both guys, yes. But this is not cutting it. And if it’s not working, maybe it’s time the Jazz look outside the organization for a 2-guard (I’d prefer an undersized Stephen Curry, but we know that’s not happening). Anyhow, yeah… they need to step up today. Both of them. On both ends of the court.

Game’s at 7 PM MST tonight. I’ll let you guess whether it’s on KJZZ or not.

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