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Jazz Fall In LA   Leave a comment

Well, the Jazz fell short in LA last night. Ugh.

Have to give props to Korver, CJ & Deron for horrible shooting nights yet again. Now can we please go improve not only the ‘back-up big’ position, but also the ‘wing’ spot? Seriously… this is just annoying.

Anyhow, in more important news… Undefeated!!!

That is all for now.

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Preseason Game 1… Jazz 99, Lakers 90   Leave a comment

Well, a win is a win. Definitely. But in the preseason, that’s secondary. What’s important is how the team plays, how everyone looks, staying healthy, etc. Well, after game one, we can say… mission (mostly) accomplished.

Well, not completely. It took a bit of time. I mean, the shooting in the first quarter would’ve embarrassed even the villains at the end of a movie (you know what I’m talking about… 400 bad guys can’t hit the good guy despite firing 100 bullets/second, while the good guy nails all of them with 1 shot). Just plain ugly. But things got better. Quick thoughts (if you read insanely fast) on the game below.

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Game On!   Leave a comment

Sure, it’s just the pre-season. But the NBA is finally back! And to start it off for the Jazz… a road trip versus the Lakers. The same team that ended the Jazz season last year. Of course, there will be differences between tonight’s game and the game that ended the Jazz playoff run. For example, the game is being played in Anaheim. And the Lakers have Andrew Bynum back after he missed the playoff series last year (and a lot more). And there’s no Jason Hart or Ronny Turiaf or the likes. And Booze is not playing either. Though there will be many who would try to convince you that that’s not a difference. (Zing!)

Sorry. It’s the first game of the (pre-)season… I shouldn’t be ripping on Booze. Yet. Anyhow, it’s time to check out the new-look pretty-much-the-same Jazz as they begin the new season.

Previews also up at…
The Cowhide Globe argues that not much has changed, completely against my view. Obviously they are wrong and I am right.
SLC Dunk, home of probably the best gamethread system amongst Jazz bloggers (SBNation did well with that). BBJ wrote a ton… make sure to read it and give me a recap.
Utah Jazz Review goes over things to look for. I’d agree, but given that it’s the first game of the pre-season, I’d just like to see them not look like total crap out there.

Go Jazz!

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Focusing On The Positives   6 comments

Well, all the Lakers fans, after whining their asses off during & after Games 3 & 4, came back in full strength after Game 5, asking us (as bloggers/fans) why we didn’t quit our whining (because obviously only they can do the whining) and win (because obviously we play for the Jazz &/or otherwise control whether they win or lose). So then… let’s focus on the positives coming from Game 5, shall we?
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Jazz Even Series At 2 In OT Thriller   Leave a comment

Not much more to ask for, considering that the Jazz came home down 2-0. Two home wins, sending the series back to LA tied (so much for a sweep, eh Lakers fans?), and guaranteeing at least a Game 6 at the ESA. Knowing that the Jazz have to get at least one game in LA if they hope to move on, I really hope that it’s Game 5 and not a potential Game 7.

The officiating, which has been so bad in the playoffs, was generally good during the game… the decision to toss Ronny Turiaf might’ve been a bit much, but other than that… In the end, after a disappointing Lakers’ comeback late (down 12 with 3 minutes to go, tie it up and force OT), the Jazz took over in the OT. They were really helped by Kobe… who was playing injured but seemed to still lose confidence in his teammates late.
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Imagine No Longer…   2 comments

Remember the post after Game 3, where I put up a picture of Charles Barkley & Dick Bavetta and told you to imagine Kobe in the place of Barkley.

Well… imagine no longer.
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Jazz Win Despite Refs Best Efforts   5 comments

Closet Jazz fan???

I’m really trying to avoid bringing the refs into this. I promise. But the game today was just plain and total crap.

I mean, I could go into many (good?) things…

  • Booze finally showed up. He got himself 20 & 20, and even shot above 50% from the field. He had a couple of huge shots late, before a Jazz time-out. After that, the Jazz didn’t go back to him until there were like 3 seconds left in the game.
  • Deron had 18 & 12. He had a couple of big shots late. He took a hard fall in the 2nd, and was icing his wrist whenever on the bench after that.
  • Okur was 4-7 from long range, and finished with 22 & 7. And he had a big shot late as well.
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