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Minor Trades Made… None By Jazz   Leave a comment

Update: Hassan Adams has a Shaun Livingston pulled on him, as he is released just hours after being traded for.

OKC trades a big man … to the Nuggets. The trade is as follows…

Nuggets get: Johan Petro, OKC’s 2nd round pick in 2009
Thunder get: Chucky Atkins, Denvers 1st round pick in 2009

Chucky Atkins. Seriously. It’s a salary dump for the Nuggets (like the Marcus Camby trade before the season and the Cheikh Samb trade a couple days ago… both to the Clippers, no less). The team had no need for Atkins, and decided they needed a young big-man that wasn’t Samb. Atkins is making $3.2 million this year, Johan Petro is at $1.9 million.

I guess my hopes that the Jazz would add a big man took a slight blow, as I had mentioned the Thunder bigs… but I doubt they’ll trade either Sene or Swift now. The Jazz could’ve potentially made a similar trade… Mo Almond & Flop have salaries that add up to $3.1 million, and both are expiring contracts, unlike Atkins. And it’s not like the Thunder needed a PG… they’re already lacking the minutes to keep Earl Watson & Russell Westbrook happy. And both guys have 2 years left on their contract… with Westbrook being on his rookie contract (in other words, and extension can be made). In comparison to Petro, Swift’s salary (if traded) is something like $4 million, while Sene’s is $2.2 million. All 3 are in their final year, and Swift would have to consent to any trade. Even then…

In an interesting move, the Grizzlies, already overstocked with PGs, traded for Shaun Livingston & cash considerations. In exchange for him, they gave the Heat a conditional 2012 2nd round pick. And then the Grizzlies promptly waived him. So let me get this straight… the Grizzlies waived Darius Miles to make room for Livingston, traded for Livingston… and then waived Livingston. What?

And finally, the Clippers made another minor trade… after the aforementioned Cheikh Samb & cash for a conditional 2015 2nd round pick (if it’s in the bottom 5 of the round)… trading a future conditional 2nd round pick to Toronto for Hassan Adams.

I wonder if the Jazz will make a trade to improve… they not only have the available players (previously mentioned here), but also a small trade exception from the Jason Hart trade ($484,000).

Jazz Fall Short Against Heat   Leave a comment

It’s D-Wade guys. Sorry… commissioner’s orders.

Well, that was ugly. Not as ugly, but still ugly. Which was expected. The Jazz started really strong, then imploded. Which implies that the Jazz are in the middle of nowhere right now. Good teams start strong, and then finish strong. Bad teams start slow, and manage to implode even after that. The Jazz are in the middle of that… with the injuries, of course. But in the end, you have to win… injuries or not. The Jazz aren’t doing that too well.


  1. One game after a good day, Morris Almond had enough confidence to launch up 10 shots (3rd most on the team!). He only made 3 of them, and the only players with a lower shooting percentage on the team were Ronnie Price (a shockingly bad game, finishing 0-5) and Okur (2-9, as he continues to slump). He took more shots than Brewer, who went 6-9. He took more shots than CJ, who was 2-6. One good game doesn’t make you Michael Jordan… sorry.
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Heat Visit The ESA   Leave a comment

The Jazz are coming off of an ugly win last night in Sacramento. The Heat last played Monday at Golden State, where they won 130-129 in OT. They are at the end of a 5-game road trip… one that started with a 106-68 shellacking at the hands of the Blazers before they went 2-1 against the Pacific Division. The Heat are 4-6 on the road this season, the Jazz are 8-2 at home.

Links & Things & stuff like that…

  • Dwyane Wade might not suit up due to migraines… his status won’t be known until right before tip-off. I doubt he misses it though.
    Wade leads Miami in scoring (28.7), assists (7.9) and blocked shots (1.72).

    Scoring, assists & blocked shots?!?! Wow… I haven’t seen that combo before.

  • Booze won’t be able to audition for the Heat tonight. Awww… poor him. Does he need to go sit in a corner for a bit? Oh wait… he’s doing that anyways.
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