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Jazz Survive Pesky Wolves   Leave a comment

Well, that was too close for comfort… at least until the final 5 minutes, when the Wolves finally faded. The Jazz started slowly, but got a lift from Kyle Korver, who was on fire to end the first quarter/start the 2nd. Which is good, because he imploded in the 2nd half… shooting wise. (4-5 in the first half, 0-4 in the 2nd half.) Though he finished with a +33… which is amazing, because the Jazz only won by 17.

AK has been on fire as of late. Which is huge. I’d say more, but as they say, a picture is worth 1000 words… and there’s quite a few pictures there. I don’t have that many words to write.

By all accounts, Ronnie Brewer owned the 4th quarter. I don’t remember, because I was just following online. But it’s Ronnie Brewer, so I wouldn’t doubt it. He did have 16 of his 20 points in the 4th quarter. Oh, and kudos to booner for his helping the Jazz too.

The Jazz had 7 players in double-digits. The T-Wolves had 5. Only 2 double-doubles though… Deron, who struggled for most of the game, and Kevin Love… who had his at halftime! Yay for defense! Though it seems Deron always struggles against Minny.

Booze is back… kinda. Memo Okur had a bad first quarter (just 1 shot, which went in, 2 fouls, and some bad D), but finished with 25 points (4-5 from long range).

Luckily for us, ESPN didn’t have to make an excuse for the T-Wolves. Speaking of ESPN, Amar has up a post on the wwl… one including an epic tangent. Seriously.

The Jazz shot 53%, which is great. Plus 38% from downtown, and 33-38 from the FT line.
Oh, and speaking of the Wolves, they (like the Blazers & Thunder) kinda scare me. All 3 teams are loaded with draft picks, and have talented youngsters. The Wolves… they have a solid front-court duo of Al Jefferson (injured right now) and rookie Kevin Love. They also have guys like Ryan Gomes & Randy Foye (trading Brandon Roy for him still has to hurt) and Sebastian Telfair around… plus Corey Brewer (injured) and Rodney Carney (who I love using on NBA 2K7). Stop-n-Pop has a look to the kinda-near future (after the draft), and it’s not making things better. Not mention, they have a future pick of ours (the Korver trade) as well. If the Jazz catch fire, it could be the pick this year.

I’ll take the win last night though. The Jazz have now won 6 straight, and host Sacramento on Saturday.

Utah 112, Minnesota 107   Leave a comment

Memo Okur, Timberwolves killer.

Close game that required a late couple of treys from Okur to pull it out at home (I wonder if we would’ve won if the game was on the road). Almost as exciting (from a Jazz standpoint, with another game tonight) as an inflamed right ankle. You can ask AK how fun that is.

The Jazz got huge games from Deron & ‘Sap (and Okur, but he didn’t have a double-double like the other 2), and overcame being out-shot (51.2% to 45.5%) by winning at the FT line (27-29 to 11-16) to beat the Wolves. The Jazz were unable to hold on to an early lead of 12 points (and a 14 point lead in the 3rd quarter), forcing them to play a close game most of the way.

This’ll be interesting tonight. No AK. No Booze. No T-Mac. No Crazy Pills.

True Blue Jazz will be hosting the live blog.

Jazz Survive In Minny   1 comment

Well, somehow the Jazz managed to walk out of Minnesota with a win… a win that neither team truly seemed to want. The Jazz played horribly for the first 44 or so minutes, falling behind by 10 late. Then the Jazz exploded (19-7 run to end the game), the Timberwolves imploded (1 FG in the last 6 minutes, plus late FT misses by Kevin Love that really did them in), and the Jazz walked away with a win after a late Okur fall-away shot and a steal on the inbound pass by Deron.

Of course, the Jazz should’ve won walking away if you look at the numbers. Love missed 7 of his 9 FTs, aiding the Timberwolves miserable night at the line (16 missed FTs). The T-Wolves took 13 more shots than the Jazz from the field, but only made 1 more. The Jazz made 4 more FTs than the Wolves. The Jazz took 4 less long-balls than the Wolves, but made 1 more. The Jazz did have 6 more TOs though, and 3 fewer boards. The T-Wolves had 3 more steals, and 2 more blocks… but none of those directly impact the points scored. Somehow though, it came down to the final 10 seconds, and the Jazz prevailed.


  1. Ronnie Brewer had himself a solid night, complete with a career-high 25 points, 5 boards & 5 steals. And 2 assists. And given the off-nights for a couple of other players, 8-12 from the field and 9-11 from the line is always a good thing.
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Jazz Visit The Timberwolves   2 comments

The Jazz, coming off of a disappointing loss in Phoenix at the end of a back-to-back on Saturday, begin a 2-game Northwest Division opponent swing. The Jazz sit at 13-9, and 5-5 in their last 10. The T-Wolves sit at 4-15 (3-7 in their last 10), and come in on a 5-game losing streak. And the T-Wolves become the 2nd Jazz opponent of the last 3 to be bringing in a new coach. In this case, it’s ex-GM (that role was taken from him and given to no one) Kevin McHale… aka the guy that helped the Celtics win the championship by giving them KG. I assume he really enjoyed watching his ex-team win it all.

Links & Things & stuff like that…

  • SLC Dunk’s game thread focus’s on the important story from the Jazz side… J-Slo’s 20-year anniversary. I think I remember reading something before the season about the Jazz asking to be able to have a game on this day at home to honor him, but of course David Stern & the NBA just gave the Jazz a big, fat “F*** YOU!”. It’s all they know how to do anyways.
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