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Jazz Head To New Jersey   Leave a comment

Ah, another road game. That to, in the Eastern Conference. Exactly what the Jazz needed. Not.

If you don’t remember the Nets, let me mention a name. Devin Harris. No good? How about this? That was at the ESA. This will be in New Jersey. The Jazz suck on the road. The Nets are 4-7 at home (8-4 on the road). This could get ugly. Like most of the other recent Jazz games.

Links & Things & stuff like that…

  • Brook Lopez, the Nets rookie, seems to enjoy yelling a lot (see picture above, and other pictures if you image-search “Brook Lopez”). Channeling his inner Booze? Of course, the Nets don’t want that. Because if that continues, he’ll probably end up injured soon. Maybe now, or maybe after he stabs the Nets in the back and walks off to join some other team.
  • If the Nets are looking ahead to Friday (like that post), the Jazz might have a small advantage.
  • Oh, speaking of Booze… the not-really-a-surprise of the night. Booze is still out. On the other hand, AK will play, which is good. I think. The comments there… people really seem to be getting sick of Booze. One went so far as to mention a Booze & Okur for Dirk the Jerk deal (ha!), and then a Miles, No Knees & Fesenko for Ron Artest deal. I’d jump on the second deal in a half second. The issues being that
    1. Miles can’t be dealt (at least not in a package deal) and
    2. (and more importantly) the Rockets aren’t run by idiots.
    Someone else mentioned a Booze for Eddy Curry & picks trade, which would still probably not work for various reasons.
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Jazz Lose Ugly… At Home   4 comments

Yeah. In 1 word, that was fu**ing ugly! One day after blowing out the Kings (in the 2nd half) and getting plenty of rest for their “starters”, the Jazz laid an egg (at home!) against the Nets. Just ugly. Proving that the Jazz will have issues against teams that play defense… aka the playoff teams for sure, and then some.

8 things…

  1. Devin Harris absolutely owned the game, doing whatever he wanted whenever he wanted. Drive in for 2? Got it. Settle for the jumper. Done. Drive in and kick it out or draw a foul. Easy as pie. 34 points, 6 assists, 13-17 shooting (plus 8-13 from the line). Total domination against the “defense” of the Jazz. That Jason Kidd trade is looking fairly good for them.
  2. Okur picked a bad day to have an off-night. After dominating in the first 2 games with Deron back, Okur went 3-13 last night (0-3 from long range). While he did get his double-double (10 & 11), his off-night offensively didn’t help. Nor did the 4 TOs. Yeah, we can’t be getting nights like this from Okur.
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