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Dee Brown Signs With Suns   4 comments

Yeah, the title pretty much says it all. Shorty is a Sun, all because LHM doesn’t like that he’s not married, or something like that. “Bad influence” on Deron… yeah, whatever. Because obviously Deron is unable to take care of himself.

Best of luck (again) to Dee… but please don’t come back and destroy the Jazz. Remember us? We drafted you, and while LHM doesn’t seem to be much of a fan, all the fans here definitely were.

Bright Side of the Suns

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Suns/Bobcats Deal   3 comments

The deal:
Suns get: J-Rich, Jared Dudley
Bobcats get: Raja Bell, Boris Diaw, Sean Singletary

Seems like a wash for ex-Jazzmen today (Shorty gets cut, Bell leaves a team he wasn’t happy with).

Interesting deal though… the Suns add another wing that would really fit the system if D’Antoni was coach. (Note to Steve Kerr… D’Antoni isn’t the coach!)

Bell was unhappy in the new system. Fine. You have to deal him. From the rumblings over at Bright Side of the Sun, it seems like they think Diaw was being overpaid (which he probably was, at $9 million). Still, just dealing him because of that is stupid. I look for the Suns to be trying to add a better PG soon, be it via trade or FA. Or maybe just play Barbosa a whole lot more, as he could end up being the key back-up behind both Nash & J-Rich. They do have Alando Tucker too, but I don’t think he’s just going to jump up to playing major minutes. And trading Diaw… all of a sudden, their back-up bigs are Robin Lopez & Louis Amundson (another ex-Jazzster). Not exactly solid… at least not yet.
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Jazz Lose To Suns & Other Stuff   2 comments

Despite the horrible scheduling by the NBA (but seriously, did you expect better from them?), the Jazz kept it close to the Suns throughout the game. In the end though, they fell just short, losing 106-104. In the end, Amare’s absolute domination was enough for the Suns to overcome the hot night from CJ from outside (until it counted). Of course, Deron’s 1-7 from long range didn’t help. And I’m pretty sure the 10 missed FTs, and the 12 rebounds (COMBINED!) from players not named ‘Sap & Okur killed as well. Oh, and as expected, No Knees followed up a good effort with a crap-tacular one. Doesn’t J-Slow get that he can’t run with the teams that have a pace anything faster than a snail? But eh, a loss is a loss, and all you can do is hope that next time, the NBA isn’t so stupid. Oh, and J-Slow too.

Game talk…
SLC Dunk’s game thread… if you feel like reading.
– Hopefully Brevin is okay after spending the night in a hospital.
Quick thoughts from The Cowhide Globe
Living & Dying by the Jazz isn’t a happy camper. Nor am I, but sadly my o. chem test is preventing me from recapping the Suns game. Though that might be a good thing.

Moving on…
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Jazz To Face Slumping Suns   Leave a comment

Coming off of a huge win late last night (at home), the Jazz now head to Phoenix to play the Suns tonight. The Suns are in the midst of a 4-game losing streak, which could be a sign of the oft uttered… “The Sun(s) is/are setting.” Because obviously no one has used that before. The teams have met once this year already… a matchup at the ESA that the Jazz won 109-97, something they accomplished at least partially due to Steve Nash‘s foul trouble. Oh, and the stat of that night… Shaq only had 1 rebound.

Links & Things & stuff like that…

  • More on that last game… Okur & Deron were out, while Booze played and finished with 21 & 15. If I remember correctly, that’s the game that Flop got the start because he knew how to foul Shaq. Or something stupid like that. Because if Flop is starting, you need a really, really stupid reason.
  • The Suns, who have been trying to improve their defense since last season (trading for Shaq, hiring Terry Porter instead of resigning Mike D’Antoni) are allowing 110.0 ppg during their recent losing streak, and 100.5 ppg on the season.
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Jazz Return Home, Pound Suns   Leave a comment

See, all the Jazz needed was to get off of the road. Maybe if we could petition the NBA to let the Jazz play all their games at home… nah. David Stern hates the Jazz enough to tell his refs to not call fouls when ‘Sap is hammered every play, no way he does anything to even partially help the team. I’m surprised he still lets them play 41 home games.

A solid win after a miserable 1st quarter. The 4th quarter was huge though… the team got hot, they got some solid D, and they walked out with a 109-97 win. The Jazz had a huge advantage on the boards, helped largely by the fact that the Fat Cactus only had 1 board. Yeah… 1! Just FYI… the only Jazz players (that played, obviously) he outrebounded were Flop (who totally sucks) and Koufos, who only played 4 minutes (each finished with 0 boards). On the other hand, his 5 assists would’ve been good for 3rd on the Jazz (behind the 2 PGs). The Jazz also caught breaks with Steve Nash & the Fat Cactus both in foul trouble throughout, helping overcome the 30 points from Amare.

I know there was the foul trouble (especially Nash) that killed them, but the Suns didn’t look like the Suns of last year. The Jazz zone, which they had to use whenever a certain guy with no knees entered because he can’t defend a rock, really seemed to stifle the Suns. Save, of course, the times when a player walked past No Knees and found himself open. Shaq found him too, and the Suns had 2 points. Oh, and the shocking stat (even more than Fat Cactus’ 1 rebound)… Shaq was 75% (3-4) from the line. Nice job Flop.

Player Notes Below
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Preseason Game 2… Suns 96, Jazz 89   Leave a comment

God, that was ugly. While the team looked to be ahead of the curve for the first preseason game, this game was the exact opposite. The team looked horribly off and totally out of it. And just a sad performance at home is doubly sad, because the Jazz ruled at home last year (most teams are better at home). It’s going to be hard to win too many games on the road, so you have to win at home. And that performance won’t end in many wins.

Both teams were missing key cogs… the Suns were without Amare Stoudemire & the Jazz were without Booze. Advantage Jazz, because while they are very dependent on Booze, Stoudemire is a better player (when healthy). Of course, it didn’t matter during the game.
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