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Three Team Trade   Leave a comment

The deal:
Wizards get: Mike James, Javaris Crittenton
Grizzlies get: Future 1st round pick (originally Memphis’)
Hornets get: Antonio Daniels, 2nd round pick in 2015 or cash from Memphis

After the trade went down, the Wizards released ex-Jazzster Shorty.

The Wizards were in need of guard help, especially with Agent Zero out. So they settled on youngster Javaris Crittenton (traded for the 2nd time in his short career), a youngster who was caught in a log jam in Memphis… one that resulted in him played about 6 minutes a game in 7 games this season. He struggled to get the time behind Kyle Lowry & Mike Conley (on the other hand, I assume we can put an end to the Conley-to-Portland rumors). The Wizards also acquired Mike James from the Hornets. James was added in the off-season, but couldn’t beat out Devin Brown (another ex-Jazzster) for the back-up PG spot. So now the Wizards have 2 new PGs to man the position, especially with them trading their other PG. Pradamaster over at Bullets Forever likes the deal, but nails it on the head by mentioning that it totally depends on Crittenton’s development. And nails it on the head again by mentioning that the Daniels-for-James swap is a definite downgrade.
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Harpring Returns, Jazz Lose   4 comments

Raise your hand if you didn’t see this coming. No Knees gets back from injury, and automatically starts stealing minute… even if the team was doing just fine without him! J-Slo continues to hate on his scapegoat for everything (CJ), and totally costs the Jazz in the end with his stupidity. If you did in fact raise your hand… WAKE UP!

Making it worse is that the Jazz should’ve had this, that they had a hot hand… one that ended up rotting away on the bench because J-Slo can’t stay away from his injured and struggling wings. Throw in the bad play at the end by those in, the questionable calls, the willingness of the refs to allow over-the-backs & flops galore (whatever happened to that, Mr. Stern?) and too many jumpshots, and you have the Jazz losing to the previously winless Wizards. Just as we all thought would happen. Oh yeah, I guess being on the 2nd end of a back-to-back might hurt. Which is why you go with those playing well! Of course, what do I know? The Jazz lost this game (with major help from the refs, J-Slo & the inability of the NBA to go through on the few words they ever utter) as much as the Wizards won it (kudos to them for pulling it out… and for using their hot hand… JaVale McGee… throughout the game).

Two other quick thoughts. One… I blame J-Slo almost completely for the game. I won’t blame the refs too much because I didn’t catch the game, but they deserve some of the blame, it seems. (Not to take anything away from the Wizards… they made it a game even when some thought they wouldn’t, and they took it when the Jazz decided they’d rather sit & pick their noses.) And 2nd, the McGee kid. Wow. The last 2 years, both the Jazzz & Wizards have gone wing & big-man… with the Wizards having picked first both times. The Wizards ended up with Nick Young & McGee, the Jazz with Almond & Koufos. Early indications have to have the Wizards on top, right? By more than would be expected for 2 mid-round picks each? Of course, Almond wasting away on the bench probably isn’t helping things.

Player notes below
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Jazz Roll Over Wizards Behind CJ Miles!   Leave a comment

Update: Originally posted on 4/2/08 at Biased Fan. CJ Miles’ break-out night… no way I was passing this one up.

The Jazz went into their game last night against the Wizards without Ronnie Brewer & AK. Yes, I know the Wizards were without Gilbert, Antonio Daniels & Caron Butler, but since I’m not going to use this entry to complain (at least not too much), I’m going to ignore it. I’m also not going to mention the Jazzsters embarrassing performance in Minny and the Wizards OT loss to the Kobes… both less than 24 hours before. Because those don’t really relate. What I am going to mention is that due to the injuries, Jerry was forced to start not only CJ (who’s been starting whenever Brewer or AK is out), but also Ronnie Price. And while I’m not much of a fan of starting a 6’2″ SG (see most of last year), it worked out fairly well yesterday. Of course, almost everything did. And it really makes the idea of 4 guards/wing & 1 low-post guy very appealing (it really works well in video games too… I’ve tried), as Matt over FLA mentions. I’d keep Brewer though… he’s developing his outside shot, and if you trade AK he’ll be your best perimeter defender. By the way, the decision to start Price was a good one, even with the size issues that it causes. Because Price is shooting well, and is able to lead the team, giving you 2 good PGs. Of course, when you win by 42, everything looks a bit better. I’d imagine, at least… it doesn’t happen very often.
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