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Booze’s Return…   Leave a comment

Let’s be honest… whether we love Booze or hate him, this is huge for the Jazz. He, when healthy, makes the Jazz a much better team… both with his presence on the court, and the strengthening of the bench. No doubts about that (last years playoffs excluded).

The Jazz will finally have their preseason starting 5 on the court together today (first time all season!), and it’ll allow them to put ‘Sap back on the bench.

SLC Dunk
The Cowhide Globe
Peachtree Hoops

Booze expects to play about 5 minutes/quarter today as he tries to get back into shape.

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We’re In Trouble   Leave a comment

You know you’re in trouble when a late December game against a 11-35 team (whether they are hot or not) is a ‘must-win game’. Of course, when you’re 25-21 (3rd in the Northwest, 9th in the West) a season after making it to the 2nd round of the playoffs (and returning 13 players), and majorly slumping (6 of the last 8 have been losses, including all of the last 4), must-wins start showing up fairly early.

Players will be out. At least 2 of them for the Jazz, and 1 for the Thunder. The Jazz still inexplicably have 15 guys on their roster (counting the ailing), meaning that there is no space to go sign a replacement for the stars that will be out for another month (at least).

Welcome To Loud City

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Jazz In Dallas Tonight   Leave a comment

Back-to-back games suck. Especially when I have work the day of.

Let’s see… the Jazz won yesterday in front of a very small crowd, needing some solid play late after almost blowing a relatively big lead. The Koof seems to have lost his spot in the rotation (due solely to the fact that he’s a rookie, of course… because his play has been solid) to Flop (uh oh)… Ronnie Price went from starter to DNP-CD… Korver is back out of the dog-house, and Flop made his first basket of the season last night. Oh, and Okur’s shot is MIA since the Pacers game. If you want some more bad, Deron had 8 TOs last night. That has to stop.

As for tonight…

  • The Mavs will be short-handed after their trade yesterday.

  • The Mavs have lost 4 straight games.
  • Dirk the Jerk hates the Jazz.
  • The Jazz are playing the 2nd half of a road-road back-to-back. Take what you want from that info.
  • Mark Cuban, hilarious. Too bad the MLB won’t let him buy the Pirates… and too bad all the other owners are scared out of their minds by a owner that actually cares about his team.

That’s that.

Jazz/Grizzlies   Leave a comment

Game already underway.

  • Mavs/Bobcats trade… DeSagana Diop to Charlotte, Matt Carroll & Ryan Hollins to Dallas.
  • CJ is playing, ‘Sap is not.
  • 3 Shades of Blue

Let’s hope for a better performance than in OKC.

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Jazz Head To Oklahoma City   Leave a comment

So, it’s an early start… games already underway.

  • The Jazz are on a 4 game winning streak right now.
  • CJ & ‘Sap are both out.
  • The Jazz have lost 4 straight road games. OKC is 6-33 on the year.
  • The Thunderworld

The Jazz are playing like crap right now (in the game). Just FYI.

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Pacers Come To Town   Leave a comment

Update: ‘Sap is out tonight. The Jazz offensive rebounding stat will be sure to take a hit. As will the Jazz interior offense. AK will get the start.

The Pacers come to town tonight, looking for a happy ending to a 5-game road trip that really hasn’t gone very well so far. They were blown out at Denver (135-115), and then after beating the Suns 113-110 on a buzzer beater, they’ve lost 2 straight close ones… falling to the Kobes 121-119, and then losing to the Dubs 120-117 last night.

Quick notes…

  • Yet again, Ronnie P. will get the start for CJ. It almost seems like J-Slow read this, and decided to go ahead with it… without making any transactions. I don’t know if that’s good or bad.

  • Empty The Bench joins the debate raging in Utah‘Sap or Booze? To note, if it’s one or the other… I completely agree with ETB. And important to keep in mind…

    It’s also hard to imagine Millsap, who will be represented by his uncle Brendrick Simmons, commanding the same asking price as the more high-profile Boozer. In fact, the difference in their projected salaries figures to be in the $4+ million per season range. Utah could use that money to shore up their bench up front or bring in another outside shooter or backup ball-handler. And while Boozer is undeniably more skilled on offense at this point, Millsap may have the greater upside being four years his junior. Millsap has already proven a superior defender.

  • News of Booze finally arrived. If you care, click the link. Because I really don’t. Just know this…

    Given the timetable, two Jazz players privately said they didn’t expect Boozer to return until after next month’s All-Star break.

  • It seems like the Pacers don’t like defense. Will someone on the Jazz go off for 25? And will this be a shootout, like your usual Warriors game, or will the Jazz play solid D and keep it relatively low scoring?
  • Some Pacers/Jazz trade ideas here and here. I’ll have to pass on both of those.
  • Another Jazz trade idea here, this time with the Clips. Again, no thanks… though the idea of Marcus Camby in the middle is kinda nice.
  • Indy Cornrows for your Pacers talk (the game thread is currently at the top).
  • Deron has been sick as of late, but practiced and will play tonight.

The Pacers feature ex-Blazer Jarrett Jack starting at PG, just in case you cared. I don’t know why you would, but eh. I might as well mention a couple of Pacers, no? They also feature Danny Granger, who has been solid this year (at worst). That said 50 points seems unlikely. Just ask SLC Dunk. Oh, and they feature Roy Hibbert, someone who the Jazz were really interested in as the draft rolled around. It didn’t work out, as Hibbert went a lot higher than expected, and the Jazz ended up with The Koof, who has been solid this year in the little time he gets.

Jazz/Pistons Tonight   Leave a comment

The Jazz host the Pistons tonight… some quick things…

Still no news on the Booze injury, and Ronnie Price is going to start at the 2-guard instead of Morris Almond, as had originally been rumored.

The Pistons are coming off of a win last night in Denver (before that, a win in Clipperland and a loss in Portland), as they finish off their 4 game road swing tonight. They could be without Rip Hamilton & Rasheed Wallace… though they have won 8 of 9 without the 2.

That’s it really.

Detroit Bad Boys
Need4Sheed, with a mention that Rodney Stuckey could be out as well.


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