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Preseason Game 1… Jazz 99, Lakers 90   Leave a comment

Well, a win is a win. Definitely. But in the preseason, that’s secondary. What’s important is how the team plays, how everyone looks, staying healthy, etc. Well, after game one, we can say… mission (mostly) accomplished.

Well, not completely. It took a bit of time. I mean, the shooting in the first quarter would’ve embarrassed even the villains at the end of a movie (you know what I’m talking about… 400 bad guys can’t hit the good guy despite firing 100 bullets/second, while the good guy nails all of them with 1 shot). Just plain ugly. But things got better. Quick thoughts (if you read insanely fast) on the game below.

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Good-Bye, Gordan   Leave a comment

Yes, officially… Gordan Giricek left the Jazz in December. (Unofficially… you could argue he left the Jazz about 3 weeks… give or take… after first joining.) But now this “good-bye” is a bit more “good-bye-ish”… Gordan is heading to Turkey.

Quotes for those of you that like them…
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Jazz Trade Giricek!   Leave a comment

Update: Originally posted 12/29/07 at Biased Fan. This move has really turned out well for the Jazz, even though KoKo’s shooting has disappeared as of late. Giricek is currently a Sun…

EDIT: According to Sixer GM Ed Stefanski the draft pick is protected. The first year the pick can be granted is 2009, and there are different protections for each year.

Well, that didn’t take long. One game after re-instating Gordan Giricek (who was never actually suspended in the first place), the Jazz dealt him to Philadelphia for Kyle Korver. Going to Philadelphia along with Giricek is a 1st round pick. Seeing the headline originally made me extremely excited. Seeing the first round pick took some of the excitement away, but not much (yet).

Of course, it all comes down to how the Jazz use Korver. If they are willing to let him back-up AK at the 3-spot (and maybe even back-up at the 2-spot occasionally), the Jazz could gain a huge advantage. He was the Sixers top 3-point threat (he’s a career 40.9% shooter from long range, though it’s fallen to 35.2% so far this year), and if he starts connecting, he could be huge for the Jazz. But, on the other hand, Jerry Sloan has a crush on Matt Harpring, and if that keeps up, Korver might not be playing very often. In that case, the Jazz lose big time. Sitting Korver, and trading a first round pick to be able to do that, would be a huge blunder by the Jazz. They need to use Korver… he’s more or less a first round pick for them. The Sixers are a young team, the 1st round pick (hopefully some future “lottery-protected” pick) could be big for them (and is probably the big reason behind the deal). Also, Giricek’s contract comes off the books after the year, which’ll help them. So he’ll have a bit more than half the season to impress the Sixers (and the rest of the league). The 26 year-old Korver has 2 years left on his contract (plus the rest of this year), and is scheduled to make $4.5 million this year (Giricek is making $4 million this year). Korver is 4 years younger than Giricek, a bit taller, and more of an outside threat. The question is… can he play defense?

Until we see the roles that the 2 guys are going to play on their new teams, it’s hard to pick a “winner” of the deal. Could the Jazz have gotten more if they had waited? Maybe. Or maybe not. Personally, I’m a fan of Korver, and I have no problem with the deal (depending on the restrictions with the 1st round pick). I would love to see Korver come into Utah and give the Jazz a viable outside threat (though CJ Miles has been doing that recently too) to complement Booze.

The Jazz play Boston tonight, not sure if Korver will be in Utah in time. But he should be here for the next game… a January 2nd home date against… Philadelphia.

Best wishes to Gordan. He deserved better than he got here with Jerry. While Philadelphia might not be his home for long (they seem likely to shed his salary after the season), hopefully he’s able to latch on with a team that can better utilize him (and one that doesn’t have a coach that’ll make him a scapegoat for everything).

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When Sloan Hates, The Jazz Tend To Lose   Leave a comment

Jerry Sloan is widely considered a good coach, though he’s never been good enough to win the Coach of the Year award. Some people think he should’ve won it. Me? Well simple… other than stars Stockton and Malone before and stars-in-the-making Deron and Booze right now… who has the guy developed? No one. All he’s done is run the youngsters (good or bad still TBD) out of town and fallen in love with not-so-good players who, well… suck. He lucked into a position when the Jazz had already had Stockton and Malone for 3+ years. Booze had played with LeBron before coming to Utah. Deron is the only guy Sloan has coached up from a rookie… and that’s after benching him to play Keith McLeod and the such. Sloan is horrible at developing talent. Youngsters come to Utah to burn and die.

Anyhow, what generally tends to happen is Sloan fights with the players. And the higher-ups side with Sloan, resulting in (most of) the players getting shipped out of town. And, in most cases, the Jazz end up losing as a result.
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