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Jazz Get Past Raptors With Huge 4th   Leave a comment

Yet again, the Jazz had a really bad quarter. This time, they changed things up though, playing solidly in the first before sucking it up in the 2nd. I guess that happens when you turn to your bench and bring in a line-up of Flop, Harding & Knight. Flop has to be the worst player in the league, or right up there. And that’s counting all 2nd-round rookies this year, and all NBDLers that have been called up and even Jason Hart. Harding has been sucking it up for the past couple of games, and that continued. Brevin brings a veteran presence that the team probably needs. He also brings a terrible jumper, overconfidence on his own jumper, the innate ability to cause the offense to stall immediately, and more. Combine the 3 of them with AK (who loves to drive into the post all wild-like and then dish off to Flop) and Korver, and you’re going to have a hell of a time. In a bad way. By the way… passing to Flop should be an offense punished by immediate benching. Luckily for the Jazz, AK & KK carried the Jazz bench, scoring all 38 of the bench points. The rest of the bench (aka the other 3 guys already mentioned) went 0-5 with 3 assists, 1 TO, 4 fouls and 0 points.

Fortunately for the Jazz, Deron, Okur & ‘Sap (getting another start for the Injury Magnet) played well, overcoming off nights from CJ & Brewer, and teaming with AK & KK to lead the Jazz. Deron had 25 & 9, taking over late yet again. Okur couldn’t drain a trey, but went 9-17 for 19 & 11. ‘Sap finished with 18 & 11. Brewer had only 4 points on 6 shots (though he did throw in 5 assists), and CJ had 5 on 5. Truthfully, the game was ugly throughout, before the Jazz finally woke up late. They outscored the Raptors 28-14 in the last quarter, largely due to playing D and having the Raptors miss their jumpers. It ended up being enough, as the Jazz got a road win, something that we’ll take no matter who we’re playing.

Meanwhile, for the Raptors… Chris Bosh had 30 points & 10 boards (before choking?). Jose Calderon had 10 & 11, Anthony Parker had 16 & 11, Bargnani had 20 and 8, and The Matrix was held to 8 & 8. By the way, the caption to the picture is kinda telling for the Raptors. As are the polling results on the home page.

Here’s how the Jazz extended their streak to 11 games.

I’m not a big fan of the bench, outside of the top 3 (top 2 if the Injury Magnet turns on). Well, I like The Koof, but he gets less time on the court than the guys making mid-court shots for money. And Fesenko & Almond, but they’re both in the D-League right now. That leaves the top 3, the next 3 (mentioned above), and Ronnie Price. If this team is really dependent on anyone behind the top 3 for production (which they are, especially with Injury Magnet out), they’re in trouble. If the Brev Brev/Price duo has to play more than 5 minutes (well, just Brev Brev because J-Slow all of a sudden hates Ronnie Price), they’re in trouble. If Flop hits the court, they’re in trouble (and my TV is off if the game is on, but that is irrelevant). If Harding gets called on in any game that isn’t against the Spurs/Nuggets/etc., they’re screwed. I know this is true for most teams beyond the first couple of guys, but given the way injuries are hitting, the Jazz have to be prepared. Turning to Flop & Harding does not equal prepared. If you enter a playoff series against the Lakers/Spurs, and put Flop on the court, you will be laughed out of the building. And eventually run out of it as well.

This whole spiel is probably irrelevant now, given that the big FAs (like Drew Gooden and Joe Smith and Mikki Moore, etc.) have all signed, and the deadline to add players that can play in the playoffs (or something like that) has passed, but still… how the team can leave Flop on the roster and not go try to get someone that can help is beyond me. Hopefully it doesn’t come back to bite us in the backside…

That said, the Jazz won. Guess we might as well enjoy that. The last 5-game-Eastern-Conference-road-swing is underway, and the Jazz have a 1-0 start. Things could definitely have been a lot worse… and it seemed like they would be until 12 PM MST, when they finally woke up (they = Deron, it seems). Up next… the Pacers.

Mikki Moore, Free Agents   Leave a comment

He’s a free agent now.

“I’m kind of glad that I’m leaving Sacramento because I thought that I was going to make a home here,” Moore said by phone. “Especially after having a good season in New Jersey, I thought that they wanted me and needed me here. So I was looking forward to retiring here, but it just didn’t work out that way.”

So… do the Jazz cut someone to sign him? Or not? (Doubtful, but eh… need something to blog about.)

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Mikki Moore?   Leave a comment

Mikki Moore? He might be an option if the Kings release him.

According to, Mikki Moore will be bought out and released by Sacramento, which would give the Jazz an opportunity to sign him for the rest of the season for a much smaller investment than they would have made trading for him.

And more importantly…

According to, Mikki Moore will be bought out and released by Sacramento, which would give the Jazz an opportunity to sign him for the rest of the season for a much smaller investment than they would have made trading for him.

Bye-bye Flop or Almond?

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Jazz Visit Sacramento Tonight   Leave a comment

The Jazz are coming off of 2 days of “rest” after sucking it up at home against the Nets, the Kings are coming off of a loss to the Mavericks (also on Saturday). And tonight, the Jazz head to Arco Arena. Oh joy.

Links & Things & stuff like that…

  • It’s December! You know what that means? Well, yeah, Christmas & finals & all that. But also, road-trip USA! okay, not really. But the Jazz have 9 of their 15 games on the road this month, including the annual pre-Christmas slaughter-the-Jazz-event road-swing as they knock off 5 more of the Eastern Conference road games. I have to ask… how many other teams out their have three 5-game road swings to knock out all 15 teams in the other conference? It just seems strange.
  • In case you don’t remember, the Jazz destroyed the Kings in SLC a couple days back. Well, at least they destroyed them in the 2nd half. The first half ended tied, before the Jazz finally woke up.
  • The Jazz lost both their games at Arco last year, and have lost 6 of the last 7 games played there. And I’m pretty sure at least some of those came when the Jazz were healthy. And they definitely aren’t healthy today.
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Kings/Jazz Tonight   Leave a comment

The Kings, coming off of a loss to the Nets at home, visit the ESA tonight.


  1. Just about 1 year ago (December 4th, last year), the Kings beat the Jazz behind a huge game from John Salmons. Of course, that also took huge games from Ron Artest & Kevin Martin… neither of whom will be playing tonight. Artest is out in Houston, Martin is still out. The Jazz can’t allow that this year, even if the game is in a different locale.
  2. Korver should be back tonight… Booze is still out. As is Flop.
  3. Again, the game isn’t on KJZZ. If you only have local TV in Utah, you’re lucky enough to be getting Cinderella Man, The Polar Express, The Incredibles (was on last night too) & School of Rock. KJZZ gives you the normal trio of Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy, & Dr. Phil.
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If Only The First Quarter Didn’t Exist…   2 comments

Yet again, the Jazz only played 3 strong quarters, finishing the 2nd, 3rd & 4th quarters with a +5 margin. Unfortunately, they fell behind by 15 after the 1st, and ended up losing by 10.

Why the loss? Let’s see.

  • Major free throw discrepancy? Check, the Lakers shot 27 more free throws.
  • Bad team defense? Check, the Lakers had 3 guys with 20+ points, one more with 19 and one with 12. Oh, and the Lakers shot 57% from the field.
  • Bad perimeter defense? Check, the Lakers were 7-11 from long range.
  • Comparison… the Jazz were 7-18 from long range, and shot 81.2% from the line to the Lakers 81.4%. But difference from points at the line? 23. Ouch.
  • Bad shooting? Check, the Jazz were a sad 44.6% from the field. Oh, and this… the Lakers took 68 shots. The Jazz took 101.
  • Flop? Check, he played 11 minutes. On the other hand, CJ played 14 seconds.
  • Stupidity? Check… the Lakers had 9 blocks to the 1 for the Jazz, 5 by Pau Gasol himself.
  • And to note… the Jazz had more boards (offensively & total), more steals & more assists. They also had 10 more fouls. Do I blame the officiating? Yes, at least a little.

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