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Suns/Bobcats Deal   3 comments

The deal:
Suns get: J-Rich, Jared Dudley
Bobcats get: Raja Bell, Boris Diaw, Sean Singletary

Seems like a wash for ex-Jazzmen today (Shorty gets cut, Bell leaves a team he wasn’t happy with).

Interesting deal though… the Suns add another wing that would really fit the system if D’Antoni was coach. (Note to Steve Kerr… D’Antoni isn’t the coach!)

Bell was unhappy in the new system. Fine. You have to deal him. From the rumblings over at Bright Side of the Sun, it seems like they think Diaw was being overpaid (which he probably was, at $9 million). Still, just dealing him because of that is stupid. I look for the Suns to be trying to add a better PG soon, be it via trade or FA. Or maybe just play Barbosa a whole lot more, as he could end up being the key back-up behind both Nash & J-Rich. They do have Alando Tucker too, but I don’t think he’s just going to jump up to playing major minutes. And trading Diaw… all of a sudden, their back-up bigs are Robin Lopez & Louis Amundson (another ex-Jazzster). Not exactly solid… at least not yet.
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Quiet Offseason… Good Or Bad?   2 comments

Well, it seems as if the Jazz are going to do very little this off-season. Hart will stay because he picked up his option. CJ will be around as long as he isn’t given an insane contract by anyone else. Booze will be the starting PF next year… even if the Jazz lose him for nothing after the season.

The team added a rookie, and that’s it. They’ll potentially call up their guys from the NBDL… though there isn’t space for everyone. That’s 15 players… so 3 of them will either have to be “inactive” or down in the NBDL.

The question is… is that good or bad? I know many people think we should trade Booze simply so that the Jazz don’t just lose him (like they lost Raja Bell a couple years back). No one seems to think the same for Okur, who can also opt out (is it because they’re more certain he’ll be back?).

Anyhow… the team is sitting still.
The Clippers have added Baron Davis.
They could resign Elton Brand, or he could end up in Golden State.
Corey Maggette could end up with the Spurs.
The Warriors are also shopping Al Harrington (for a PG?), and could potentially be offered Shawn Marion for Monta Ellis.
The Lakers will only get stronger with Andrew Bynum coming back.
The Hornets, like the Jazz, are young and will be improving. But there will be changes on their bench.
The Suns will be different. How much (and for better or worse?) is still to be seen.
The Blazers have a ton of talent, and if they put it together they’ll be dangerous.
Minnesota could surprise… or they could still suck.
Seattle Bennett’s Backstabbers still seem to be a couple of years away.
Dallas & Houston will also be in contention… and Memphis could be too if stocking up on young guards is a way to compete.

So, amidst all that happening in the West, will the same Jazz team as last year (with everyone an year older and a 19 year-old rookie added in)… a team that finished 5th in the West and was wiped out in the 2nd round due to the disappearance of a star and the philosophy that playing “physical” (aka fouling) is a great strategy (it’s not)… will that team be able to realistically compete for a championship next year?

That’s what KOC is going to have to answer. My thoughts are obvious and plastered throughout the blog. Thoughts on this? Am I being to concerned about other teams moves? Should the Jazz be looking to make a (semi-)big deal?

When Sloan Hates, The Jazz Tend To Lose   Leave a comment

Jerry Sloan is widely considered a good coach, though he’s never been good enough to win the Coach of the Year award. Some people think he should’ve won it. Me? Well simple… other than stars Stockton and Malone before and stars-in-the-making Deron and Booze right now… who has the guy developed? No one. All he’s done is run the youngsters (good or bad still TBD) out of town and fallen in love with not-so-good players who, well… suck. He lucked into a position when the Jazz had already had Stockton and Malone for 3+ years. Booze had played with LeBron before coming to Utah. Deron is the only guy Sloan has coached up from a rookie… and that’s after benching him to play Keith McLeod and the such. Sloan is horrible at developing talent. Youngsters come to Utah to burn and die.

Anyhow, what generally tends to happen is Sloan fights with the players. And the higher-ups side with Sloan, resulting in (most of) the players getting shipped out of town. And, in most cases, the Jazz end up losing as a result.
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