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When Sloan Hates, The Jazz Tend To Lose   Leave a comment

Jerry Sloan is widely considered a good coach, though he’s never been good enough to win the Coach of the Year award. Some people think he should’ve won it. Me? Well simple… other than stars Stockton and Malone before and stars-in-the-making Deron and Booze right now… who has the guy developed? No one. All he’s done is run the youngsters (good or bad still TBD) out of town and fallen in love with not-so-good players who, well… suck. He lucked into a position when the Jazz had already had Stockton and Malone for 3+ years. Booze had played with LeBron before coming to Utah. Deron is the only guy Sloan has coached up from a rookie… and that’s after benching him to play Keith McLeod and the such. Sloan is horrible at developing talent. Youngsters come to Utah to burn and die.

Anyhow, what generally tends to happen is Sloan fights with the players. And the higher-ups side with Sloan, resulting in (most of) the players getting shipped out of town. And, in most cases, the Jazz end up losing as a result.
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