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Revenge Against The Dubs   Leave a comment

The Jazz improved their current winning streak to 9 games, holding off both the Warriors (in Golden State) and the Rockets (in Utah).

The Warriors game featured a huge performance from the bench, as ‘Sap, Korver & AK each hit double-digits, joining starters Booze, Brewer & Okur. While Deron wasn’t feeling it (3-12, 6 points), he countered by dishing off 20 assists… 2 less than the Warriors team as a whole. Meanwhile, CJ struggled yet again. Speaking of Deron, here’s one of his assists from the game.

While the Jazz didn’t start too well, a solid 4th quarter carried them against the Warriors. This includes being outscored in the 3rd quarter…

Speaking of the Dubs, Corey Maggette & Jamal Crawford had huge games. So did Anthony Randolph, the latest to go off on the Jazz. That’s not acceptable. Oh, and more on Randolph. Though that ‘block’ on Booze was actually a goaltending violation that wasn’t called.

Brewer = amazing! His jumper might not be what you’d want from a normal SG, but given this offense, he’s a perfect fit. And he’s been playing at an amazing level as of late.

More Deron… he has a ways to go before catching up with Stockton in most categories, and this is no exception.

Bryon Russell… Comeback?   Leave a comment

Ex-Jazzster Bryon Russell, him of the Stockton to Malone days, is interested in coming back. Conversations have gone on between his agent and 4 teams… the Celtics, the 76ers, the Thunder and the Suns. Interesting. The Thunder though?

“I want to help some playoff teams and get back into the game that I love,” said Russell of playing in Boston. “I work out every day. The rust part can get worked out just by playing with the fellas. I wouldn’t take away from The Big Three [in Boston]. I would love to play with them. I have nothing to prove. I want to lend a helping hand with the loss of [James ] Posey by playing defense, knocking down jump shots, and basically playing the role of a Posey. I got some life in these legs. Now that the [trade] deadline is over, I think people are looking to add a veteran on their squad. I’m hoping I can provide that.”

The Celtics really seem desperate for bench help. I’m surprised the Kobes aren’t mentioned… aren’t they talking with Cheap Shot Bob and the likes too?

Greg Ostertag… it’s time to start warming up again. Your name is next.

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Quick Hits   Leave a comment

Just some quick hits while I try to recover from an anatomy test (and the lack of sleep that came with it)…

  • HOF finalists include 2 of our own… John Stockton and J-Slow. And many other famous names.
  • Do (or did) the Rockets have interest in Booze? Don’t they already have enough injury-prone guys?
  • I’ve joined the twittering crowd. Not solely Jazz related, but there’s some stuff there. Kyle Korver is also on Twitter… don’t know about the rest of the team. He doesn’t update much though.
  • No real Jazz rumors as the deadline approaches… kinda sad. Makes the weekend a bore too.
  • The Popularity Game takes place tonight or tomorrow or something… I really have no idea. And I don’t really care.
  • Nate Robinson won the Slam Dunk Contest by jumping over a person to dunk it. Déja vu?
  • Elsewhere… Terry Porter might be fired. John Paxson might step down. Vinsanity might be on the move. Amar’e feels slighted by the trade rumors. The Cavs are trying to add a big. AI got a hair cut. A-Rod cheated and pitchers reported for Spring Training… sorry, wrong sport.

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Raptors Come To ESA With New Coach   2 comments

The Jazz host the Raptors tonight, in a late start game at 8:30 PM MST. The Jazz are coming off of a loss to the Heat at home, one that dropped their record against the Eastern Conference to a miserable 2-7, including a sad 1-3 at home. The Raptors are 8-9, coming off 2 straight losses on their Western Conference road swing (@ the Kobes, @ Denver).

Links & Things & stuff like that…

  • AK should be back tonight. Finally! God, this is almost as good as getting Deron back. Maybe even better, given how the last couple of games have gone. With “last couple” being a huge understatement.
  • The Raptors will be welcoming new coach Jay Triano. It seems he was once attempting to make the Jazz, but lost out to some John Stockton dude.
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Jazz Wake Up Late, Hunt Down Bucks   1 comment

The Jazz, continuing their recent trend, play well at the beginning, sucked in the middle, and woke up in the end, overcoming injuries galore to hold off the Bucks, 105-94. It wasn’t easy though. Andrew Bogut had 16 points and 20 boards (!), putting to end (at least for a day) the thought that the Jazz had the advantage inside. He was 6-13 from the field and 4-6 from the line, and you have to think that if Luke Ridnour wasn’t too busy clanking three 3-pointers, he might’ve looked for Bogut more. Considering that Bogut was totally dominating the revolving door that the Jazz call interior defense, you think the Bucks would’ve considered it. Richard Jefferson had 25, and Charlie Bell & Ramon Sessions each had 15 for the Bucks. So yeah, the Jazz got lucky that Bogut didn’t get the ball more, and got lucky that Michael Redd wasn’t playing.

The Jazz actually roared out of the gate against the probably fatigued Bucks, jumping ahead 26-16 after one. But the Bucks mounted a major comeback, jumping ahead by 2 at the half, and keeping that lead after 3. The Jazz finally woke up after that, outscoring the Bucks 31-18 in the final quarter. The Jazz did have one familiar face back in action, but it didn’t end very well.

Player Notes Below
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Suns Pass On Corbin, Korver Surgery Successful   Leave a comment

Well, the title says it all really.
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Corbin In Suns Final Four   Leave a comment

Yeah… the title pretty much says it all. Four guys left that interest the Suns (& Steve Kerr), and one of them is Ty Corbin, assistant for the Jazz.
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