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Bryon Russell… Comeback?   Leave a comment

Ex-Jazzster Bryon Russell, him of the Stockton to Malone days, is interested in coming back. Conversations have gone on between his agent and 4 teams… the Celtics, the 76ers, the Thunder and the Suns. Interesting. The Thunder though?

“I want to help some playoff teams and get back into the game that I love,” said Russell of playing in Boston. “I work out every day. The rust part can get worked out just by playing with the fellas. I wouldn’t take away from The Big Three [in Boston]. I would love to play with them. I have nothing to prove. I want to lend a helping hand with the loss of [James ] Posey by playing defense, knocking down jump shots, and basically playing the role of a Posey. I got some life in these legs. Now that the [trade] deadline is over, I think people are looking to add a veteran on their squad. I’m hoping I can provide that.”

The Celtics really seem desperate for bench help. I’m surprised the Kobes aren’t mentioned… aren’t they talking with Cheap Shot Bob and the likes too?

Greg Ostertag… it’s time to start warming up again. Your name is next.

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When Sloan Hates, The Jazz Tend To Lose   Leave a comment

Jerry Sloan is widely considered a good coach, though he’s never been good enough to win the Coach of the Year award. Some people think he should’ve won it. Me? Well simple… other than stars Stockton and Malone before and stars-in-the-making Deron and Booze right now… who has the guy developed? No one. All he’s done is run the youngsters (good or bad still TBD) out of town and fallen in love with not-so-good players who, well… suck. He lucked into a position when the Jazz had already had Stockton and Malone for 3+ years. Booze had played with LeBron before coming to Utah. Deron is the only guy Sloan has coached up from a rookie… and that’s after benching him to play Keith McLeod and the such. Sloan is horrible at developing talent. Youngsters come to Utah to burn and die.

Anyhow, what generally tends to happen is Sloan fights with the players. And the higher-ups side with Sloan, resulting in (most of) the players getting shipped out of town. And, in most cases, the Jazz end up losing as a result.
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Well, I’ve given it time & a lot of thought. And in the end, I’ve come to the conclusion that I should just focus on blogging about the Utah Jazz. I tried blogging about the Pirates & the Panthers & the Bees and all, but it really isn’t working. The Pirates & Panthers are hard because I don’t live in Pittsburgh or Carolina (in fact, I’ve never been to either place), so everything I mention comes from opinions formed by reading other blogs. I don’t really know enough about what’s going on to blog about it though. On the other hand, living in Utah (and having lived here my whole life), I’ve grown up a Jazz fan. Which makes it a lot easier.

I grew up watching the John Stockton & Karl Malone duo, along with Jeff Hornacek, Bryon Russell, Greg Ostertag and others. I watched the miraculous three by Stockton against the Rockets. I watched Michael Jordan push off. I watched as a team led by a bunch of nobodies won 41 games. I watched as the team struggled to the #6 pick, which was traded for Deron Williams. And I’ve watched the team come back. I’ve grown up with this team.

Plus, with the recent changes to Our Utah Jazz (new name, same site) & SLC Dunk (new name, new site, same BBJ… I think), I figured… why not? Given that I was only good for a couple of baseball posts (opening week, trade deadline) & even fewer football posts (the draft), why not go and focus on the Jazz (when I’m not fretting about classes)?

So here I am. I’m going to move a couple of Jazz posts over from Biased Fan (ones that I like), and then we’ll start fresh.

Go Jazz!!!


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