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If Only The First Quarter Didn’t Exist…   2 comments

Yet again, the Jazz only played 3 strong quarters, finishing the 2nd, 3rd & 4th quarters with a +5 margin. Unfortunately, they fell behind by 15 after the 1st, and ended up losing by 10.

Why the loss? Let’s see.

  • Major free throw discrepancy? Check, the Lakers shot 27 more free throws.
  • Bad team defense? Check, the Lakers had 3 guys with 20+ points, one more with 19 and one with 12. Oh, and the Lakers shot 57% from the field.
  • Bad perimeter defense? Check, the Lakers were 7-11 from long range.
  • Comparison… the Jazz were 7-18 from long range, and shot 81.2% from the line to the Lakers 81.4%. But difference from points at the line? 23. Ouch.
  • Bad shooting? Check, the Jazz were a sad 44.6% from the field. Oh, and this… the Lakers took 68 shots. The Jazz took 101.
  • Flop? Check, he played 11 minutes. On the other hand, CJ played 14 seconds.
  • Stupidity? Check… the Lakers had 9 blocks to the 1 for the Jazz, 5 by Pau Gasol himself.
  • And to note… the Jazz had more boards (offensively & total), more steals & more assists. They also had 10 more fouls. Do I blame the officiating? Yes, at least a little.

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