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Mikki Moore, Free Agents   Leave a comment

He’s a free agent now.

“I’m kind of glad that I’m leaving Sacramento because I thought that I was going to make a home here,” Moore said by phone. “Especially after having a good season in New Jersey, I thought that they wanted me and needed me here. So I was looking forward to retiring here, but it just didn’t work out that way.”

So… do the Jazz cut someone to sign him? Or not? (Doubtful, but eh… need something to blog about.)

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Trade Talk And Booze Talk   Leave a comment

Update: The Tyson Chandler deal has been rescinded by the Thunder. Shocking… I was even going out of my way to praise the team for the way they were building.

Starting with the ever-present Booze, well at least ever-present in the news…. not so much in the games. First, he is out Thursday, at least. Hey dude… February 17 was yesterday.

Meanwhile, from Yahoo! comes this bit

When the Detroit Pistons sheered nearly another $1 million in salary-cap space with the trade of Alex Acker to the Los Angeles Clippers this week, GM Joe Dumars further solidified his franchise as the favorite to sign Utah Jazz forward Carlos Boozer as a free agent this summer.

The Jazz and Boozer have grown tired of each other, and league executives believe Utah is more inclined to re-sign power forward Paul Millsap to a long-term contract.

In trade news… a 3-way deal of sorts. At it’s end…

Sacramento gets: Andres Nocioni, Drew Gooden, Cedric Simmons, Ike Diogu
Chicago gets: Brad Miller, John Salmons
Portland gets: Michael Ruffin

Blog a Bull, Sactown Royalty, and Blazer’s Edge have thoughts (BE already has like 3 posts up on it). The Kings get a trio of expiring contracts, plus Nocioni (who many people wanted for the Jazz once upon the time… me not included). Ruffin hasn’t even played this season, has he? He’s now been traded twice this season (both today, since I don’t think this was a 3-way, more like 2 2-team deals). Chicago gets a starting C (what about Noah?) And Salmons, who will probably end up on the bench… unfortunately for him and a lot of fantasy players.

The Grizzlies decided to thank the Kobes for stealing Pau Gasol from them last year, taking back Chris Mihm for a conditional 2013 2nd-rounder. 3 Shades of Blue.

Yesterday, it was Tyson Chandler to Oklahoma City for Joe Smith, Chris Wilcox and the draft rights to Devon Hardin. At The Hive and Welcome To Loud City. And here’s At The Hive explaining that it’s not a “give up on the season” trade. Sigh… if only it was.

Earlier Tuesday, the Kings traded for Sam Cassell. Sactown Royalty and CelticsBlog with thoughts.

And for a chuckle to end it… the Rockets owner on T-Mac’s season coming to an end…

“Daryl (Morey, the Rockets general manager) and I were talking this morning. We both discussed how great Tracy is in the playoffs. There’s very few people who have the ability to step up their games in the playoffs and he does. So we’re not looking to run away from Tracy.”

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Can The Jazz Make The Jump?   Leave a comment

The Jazz are once again expected to compete for the Western Conference title. This shouldn’t surprise anyone. Two years ago, they used some lucky bounces to make it all the way to the Western Conference Finals before falling to the Spurs. Last year, the bounces didn’t go their way, and they were knocked out in the Western Conference Semifinals. With the core of the team back (in fact… there are only 2 new faces from the squad last year… and only one old face is gone), the team is banking on the players taking another step to lead them to the NBA Finals. The question is… is it enough? Today, we look at what HoopsWorld thinks.
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KOC Is Captain Obvious; Trades?   1 comment

Just in case you were worried that the Jazz might forget that they had reached the roster limit (15 players) and might accidentally sign a 16th guy, KOC came out to let you know that it ‘probably’ won’t happen.

“We’re done with signing probably any free agents,” O’Connor said, “but we’re certainly not done continuing to look at working our roster to improve ourselves.”

I don’t understand the inclusion of the “probably” in there… first, the team has to be done (they’ve reached the max) and second, it makes for a very ugly sentence.

“There’s conversations going on daily,” O’Connor said.

That’s probably dealing with trades, no? On that topic, there is this article from RealGM. While the main focus is on Nenad Krstic heading to Russia (which he has since done), it is something else that could be of interest to Jazz fans…

New Jersey is heavy on forwards, and according to the article Sean Williams and Stromile Swift are believed to be on the trading block.

I posted a fanpost about this over at SLC Dunk… here’s what I said then…

Using the RealGM trade checker, a straight-up deal could be Swift for Harpring. They’d probably want a 1st rounder or something (after all, it is Harpring)… the Jazz don’t have a 1st rounder in 2009 (to the Sixers in the Korver trade)… not sure about 2nd rounders. The Jazz have a couple of 1st rounders in 2010… I highly doubt they use the Knicks one though. Swift’s contract expires after the season, No Knees has 1 year left after the season.

Sean Williams could go straight up for Price or Brewer, though I don’t see the Jazz doing that. Price is in the last year of his contract, Brewer has 1 year left on his rookie contract. Another option would be Williams for Almond & Fesenko, though I’m not sure if the Jazz would want to part with both of them, though Williams could/would be a shot-blocking presence inside.

Another option is a combo-deal… Harpring, Flop & picks as need be for Swift & Williams. Not sure if the Nets would want another Collins though… they just got rid of theirs last year (for Swift, no less).

Sean Williams comes in at 6’10, and averaged 5.6 ppg, 4.4 rpg and 1.5 bpg in 73 games last year (17.5 mpg). He shot 53.8% from the field and 60.9% from the line. There are some off-court issues from his college days though.

Stromile Swift got 6.1 ppg, 3.6 rpg and 1.0 bpg in 56 games last year (15.1 mpg). Over his career, he’s averaged 8.6 ppg, 4.7 rpg and 1.2 bpg. He shot 50.9% from the field last year, raising his career average to 47.4%. His career FT% is 70.3%, though he was at 67% last year.

The thing is, if you look at the Nets depth chart right now, what they really seem to need is a PG. They have 7 wings (and we think we have a problem), 4 4’s, and 3 5’s. So maybe they wouldn’t want Almond or No Knees or Flop or Fesenko though. Would Price or Knight be enough? And would it be worth it on our end to give up our back-up PG (who has shown the ability to spell Deron effectively) to get another “big”?

I’m just guessing here though… who knows what they want.

Thoughts? Ideas? Opinions? Am I out of my mind?

I’m still holding out hope, but there are some issues to clear up. First, can Knight be traded in a combo-deal? I’m not sure, but there might be restrictions due to the fact that the Jazz just acquired him. I know we have to wait 30 or whatever days from the day he was acquired or something, but yeah. Second… the Jazz can’t trade their own 2010 first rounder, because you can’t trade 1st rounders in consecutive years. So it would have to be a 2011 pick, if the Nets demanded a first rounder.
Even then though, and even with Sean Williams’ off-court issues in college, I’d make an offer. He’d be an immediate upgrade defensively in the middle, and is still fairly young. So… do the Nets & Jazz match up?

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Quiet Offseason… Good Or Bad?   2 comments

Well, it seems as if the Jazz are going to do very little this off-season. Hart will stay because he picked up his option. CJ will be around as long as he isn’t given an insane contract by anyone else. Booze will be the starting PF next year… even if the Jazz lose him for nothing after the season.

The team added a rookie, and that’s it. They’ll potentially call up their guys from the NBDL… though there isn’t space for everyone. That’s 15 players… so 3 of them will either have to be “inactive” or down in the NBDL.

The question is… is that good or bad? I know many people think we should trade Booze simply so that the Jazz don’t just lose him (like they lost Raja Bell a couple years back). No one seems to think the same for Okur, who can also opt out (is it because they’re more certain he’ll be back?).

Anyhow… the team is sitting still.
The Clippers have added Baron Davis.
They could resign Elton Brand, or he could end up in Golden State.
Corey Maggette could end up with the Spurs.
The Warriors are also shopping Al Harrington (for a PG?), and could potentially be offered Shawn Marion for Monta Ellis.
The Lakers will only get stronger with Andrew Bynum coming back.
The Hornets, like the Jazz, are young and will be improving. But there will be changes on their bench.
The Suns will be different. How much (and for better or worse?) is still to be seen.
The Blazers have a ton of talent, and if they put it together they’ll be dangerous.
Minnesota could surprise… or they could still suck.
Seattle Bennett’s Backstabbers still seem to be a couple of years away.
Dallas & Houston will also be in contention… and Memphis could be too if stocking up on young guards is a way to compete.

So, amidst all that happening in the West, will the same Jazz team as last year (with everyone an year older and a 19 year-old rookie added in)… a team that finished 5th in the West and was wiped out in the 2nd round due to the disappearance of a star and the philosophy that playing “physical” (aka fouling) is a great strategy (it’s not)… will that team be able to realistically compete for a championship next year?

That’s what KOC is going to have to answer. My thoughts are obvious and plastered throughout the blog. Thoughts on this? Am I being to concerned about other teams moves? Should the Jazz be looking to make a (semi-)big deal?

Corey Maggette?   3 comments

The Jazz like Corey Maggette. Better than Maggette to the Spurs… but where are you going to play him? The Jazz have had previous interest (he even signed an offer sheet a couple years back, but the Clips matched it)… but things have changed. Mainly the glut of wings the Jazz have. It didn’t really exist back then.

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Kevin Kruger… Magic?   7 comments

It might not be as disappointing as this (and rightfully so… Kruger has never played for the Jazz), but it’s still a little disheartening. I mean… Kruger was down in Orem all year playing for the NBDL team. And now, he goes back to play in the summer league for Orlando… which he did last year & was the last cut in training camp.

And yet again, the Jazz brass elects to keep Jason Hart over someone else that easily fits the role of 3rd-string (at worst) PG… and fits it better (& at lower cost) than Hart. Plus… Kruger is a better shooter & a better passer. What more do you want in a J-Slow bench-warmer/back-up 2-guard? Ah… the stupidity of the “smart ones”. Refreshing at times, no?

Oh, and there’s free agency news… all over the web. And rumors plenty of them. Enjoy them… very few include the Jazz because we’re too busy finding ways to let Hart & No Knees & Flop blow games for us… and too busy finding ways to keep CJ on the bench all the time.

PS: Magic in the title doesn’t seem like the right word. “He’s a Magic.” It just doesn’t sound right. Kinda like Jazz, which is why I occasionally say type Jazz-ster. But Magic-ster doesn’t sound right either. Trickster? Help please.

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