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Jazz Pick Up Brewer’s Option   Leave a comment

The Jazz today announced that they had picked up the option on Ronnie Brewer’s rookie contract. As a result, they will have the rights to negotiate with him starting next off-season (kinda like Deron Williams this summer).

It was a no-brainer really. The team has needed a SG for a while (just look at their draft results over the last like 5 years, before this one), and Ronnie took a huge step forward last year. While his jumpshot still isn’t what the Jazz would like (or at least what us fans would like), the rest of his game is good (and getting better). Hopefully he’s been working on his jumper this off-season… the offense would be that much more deadly if he could start hitting the mid-range jumper.

As for Brewer… he’s saying all the right stuff.

“It’s good that he has confidence in me and that this organization has confidence in me,” Brewer said. “But that doesn’t really do anything, what you did last year. It’s all about now, so I’m looking forward to this year.”

Training camp starts tomorrow!

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Hart Exercises Option; Thoughts On Last Year’s Rookies   4 comments

A couple of topics to discuss… the first is the exercising of a player option that helps crowd the roster even more, and the 2nd is a news article with a couple of interesting points.
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