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So… I figure I might as well get this out there. Especially now that I’ve finally got a post up.

While this has been much fun, I’ve decided to move on… and join the guys over at True Blue Jazz… a greater blog than this one, though (sorry to all of them over there) the names don’t even compare. JazzMat wins, running away.

But, as I said, that blog is just a bit better than this one (understatement of the year?), and makes it easier on me. No more having to scrounge for recaps when I haven’t seen the game… I can leave that to others. Eventually, I’ll be looking ahead to the off-season (yes, before the season is over), but for now… here’s my first post, looking at the backup PG conundrum.

Thanks to all the visitors I’ve had here… hope to see you all over there. Because, as they say… the grass is always greener on the other side. (Though what if the other side is a lake? Then what?)

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RMR Players You Know… The Jazz   Leave a comment

We’re finally down to the last team in the RMR… our own Utah Jazz! There are quite a few names to recognize here… the rookies from last year, the rookie from this year, and a lot of guys that have been in camp with the Jazz before. Notable absences include CJ Miles and… well, that’s it really.
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Jazz Draft Links   2 comments

  • The Jazz won’t be having a draft party this year. That’s just stupid, and there’s two possible reasons.
    1. The Jazz are cutting it to save money. Stupid reason, in my opinion. But they’ve decided that not doing anything big that night will save them enough money to overcome the deficit they have every year. Which won’t happen, so it’s utter bullsh**.
    2. The Jazz are going to trade their first rounder… and maybe a 2nd-rounder (or both)… for future picks, so there is no reason to have the fans show up and get that news. It wouldn’t really draw out the cheers unless they were traded for a (semi-)big-name player and not a future pick. So better to cancel the party and not get booed at.

    Either way, it’s stupid. (HT: SLC Dunk) Read the rest of this entry »

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Kevin O’Connor and the Draft   Leave a comment

A lot has been made of Kevin O’Connor’s… um… “drafting skills,” especially with the fact that most of his first round picks are no longer with the Jazz. So, with the draft rapidly approaching, I decided to take a quick look at the drafting since O’Connor took over (I guess it might say something about the scouts as well). Not really a number crunching exercise… more just a “Who? When? Where? Why?” approach (yep… no “What”). Just FYI… if you’re looking for trends, 6 of the 8 drafts headed by KOC have featured a 2-guard being taken by the Jazz… and of those 6, only CJ wasn’t a 1st-round SG (he went #4 in the 2nd-round).

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